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September Ends

September Ends - Hunter S. Jones 3 Stars

Liz’s life takes a dramatic turn after she and her brother are involved in a car accident that takes her brothers life. Struggling through therapy and trying to deal with her loss by writing in a diary, we follow Liz on her journey to fill the hole left by his death.

September Ends is not like any other book I have read. The way it is written with e-mails, texts and poetry, for me hindered the flow and stopped me being able to lose myself in the story. It felt bitty and disjointed. I am definitely not a fan of this style of formatting. The opening sequence of the accident that killed Liz’s brother, Charles, though interesting, again failed to allow me to fully dive in and become emotionally involved because of the choppy sentences and unique writing style. Where this document style novel is supposed to allow the reader to see the story from varying points of view in a realistic way, giving the story a more natural feel, it actually does the opposite for me leaving me feeling totally disconnected from every character.

I’m sure there are fans of this style but unfortunately I’m not one of them.

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