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Bloodlines - Lindsay Anne Kendal for a first novel i think this is fantastic............the plot is interesting the character personalities make you either love or hate them, which is great because i hate characters that leave you feeling indifferent. the story line leaves you guessing and is unique
well done Lindsay x


Kiera knew she was different and after having strange dreams and hearing voices she felt the need to find her roots. Taking her friend Lily along with her they embark on an adventure that takes them to places and shows them things they could never imagine. They meet new friends and make new enemies on their journey to find Kieras ancestry.

This is the newly edited and printed version of Bloodlines and the differences between this and the first draft are noticeable. The dialogue and terminology is more in keeping with American vocabulary and the new editor (Beth Price) has done a fantastic job in making this book a more marketable product.

Kiera is a very strong headed girl, she knows exactly what she wants and she doesn’t suffer fools. Sometimes she is arrogant and once it’s made up she refuses to change her mind no matter what. When the girls meet up with a group of boys Jake, Tyler, Lucian and Danny things don’t go too smoothly. The boys feel threatened by Kiera and unsure about her reasons for being there but after a shaky start the six of them soon become firm friends and allies.

This is a story of destiny, of long standing beliefs and legends. The detail and information shows Lindsay has a good knowledge of demons and all things ‘dark’. There are twists and turns in this the first of an exciting trilogy, with romance included and tonnes of action. The unanswered questions we are left with manage to keep us curious enough to count the days ‘till we get the next book.