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My Sisters Keeper

My Sisters Keeper -2004 publication. - Jodi Picoult my feelings towards the characters were so mixed, I tried to put myself in the Mums place to see if I would have done the same as her under the same circumstances, and really don't know which way I would go. As a Mum I know I'd do anything to save my children.......but creating a 'donor' baby to save another??? well that baby is one of you're children too isn't it and you would be creating it knowing it was going to suffer for the other child therefore defeating the object!

I was totally on Anna's side..........she needed to fight for her own rights once her Mother had become so blinded by Kate's illness and saving Kate that she couldn't see how much pain and suffering she was inflicting on Anna.

for it finally to come out that it was Kate's idea, that she herself was tired and wanted an out, totally threw me I just wasn't expecting it. Then the twist at the end when Anna was killed and she became a donor for Kate anyway and actually saving her life made me wonder why I'd read the book in the first place. it seemed like .....what was the point to this story??? I was totally and utterly disappointed!!!