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Boy Fun

Boy Fun - Lucas Steele, Garland, Michael Bracken, G.R. Richards, John Connor, Jade Taylor, Kay Jaybee, Alex K. Bell, Ruth Ramsden, Chrissie Bentley, Alex Jordaine, Eva Hore, Elizabeth Coldwell, Landon Dixon, Shanna Germain, Penelope Friday, J.L. Merrow Copy received from Goodreads give away's :-

I liked the front cover of this book! The blurb was short and self explanatory.

The 20 short stories were just that...'short', I haven't read Xcite books before so didn't know what to expect, I was slightly disappointed because the stories were so short. I prefer full length novels but occasionally read short story compilations that usually have 15-17000 words these couldn't be more than 4 or 5000 (although I didn't actually count them!!)

the content was interesting and opened my eyes in an area I haven't ventured before (MM) but perhaps that's the problem for me here, the book is aimed at men who don't require quite as much build up and substance for this type of reading as females do!!!

would I buy an Xcite book??? providing it was a full length novel or a short story compilation with longer stories than these, then yes i would buy one!