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Purpose - Kristie Cook I absolutely loved the prologue, the opening line was so poetic ‘living with half a soul is like living forever in the hour before dawn, when the sky is no longer black, but a dark charcoal gray waiting for the light.’ Alexis’s love for Tristan and depression over losing him came across so well I wanted to cry.

This feeling of 'despair' she had, continued through chapter one, even though it was now seven and a half years after his disappearance, which I found a little disconcerting because after all, she did have a 6yr old son who should have been her first priority and wallowing in self pity for so long isn’t conducive to a good mother/son relationship. I was however getting rather bored with it by the time I had gotten 25% into the book and still she was having nightmares and couldn’t function properly as a human being, just because he was no longer around. The story up to now had failed to move on. It was quite obvious that Tristan was going to return but I think there is a fine line between suspense and boredom, at this point ‘Purpose’ had crossed the line and headed straight into ‘yawn’ territory!!

I do understand Kristie was trying to get a point across,.. the belief our 'purpose' for being here is to do good, how our choices have consequences etc. and that Alexis was having an inner battle between her evil side and good side (like we all do!!)but the point was made in the first few chapters and did't need to be dragged on so long.

I was disappointed that when Tristan did finally return it was very un-dramatic, surely he deserved a more interesting re-entrance after hearing so much about Alexis’ woes!

The action did improve later in the book and the pace picked up to put the story back on a par with the first in the series (Promise) which I did enjoy much more than it’s sequel!

I will be reading the next book.....even if only to drool some more over Tristan.....and Owen!!! but I hope Kristie tries to keep the story moving and not get stuck in one place for too long x