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Viva Elfego - Stan Sager Initially there were two stories being told, one about a little girl with CIPA and one about a secret military organisation that obviously recruited CIPA sufferers because they were fearless. I wasn’t sure where the two would come together and it took a while to see were the author was going with this.

It turned out to be quite a horrific plot where CIPA sufferers and their parents were kidnapped and held captive for the rest of their lives, the children to become soldiers the parents to breed more CIPA soldiers!

I’d like to say it’s a bit far fetched but my faith in any government isn’t that good and I believe anything is possible………let’s hope Derek hasn’t given them any ideas lol

I enjoyed the story more in the beginning when we were learning about Carolyn and trying to find her diagnosis but found the plot a bit complicated and less enjoyable when it came to the military side of the story and I began to skip sentences here and there through boredom in those parts. One particular part of the story seemed a little over written, it was during the first visit to the plantation and we were subjected to a large block of irrelevant information about ‘5th generation this and 3rd generation that’ and I don’t quite understand why it was left in, maybe word count or perhaps I missed some relevant info when I skip read the whole passage!

Overall I thought it was a entertaining read.