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Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12)

Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon 4.5*

I have not read any of the other DH books this was recommended to me and I was told it can be read as a ‘stand alone read’……..I agree it is basically fine on its own but there were a couple of little things that confused me………and the book is sooooooo good that I now HAVE to read the rest, how can I not want to meet these sub characters in more depth and not want to see more of ‘Ash’?

It is a very long book and really is two books in one, the first book teaching us about Acherons absolutely horrible human life, I don’t think I did anything but cry at the torture and pain that this boy suffered it was so horrific. It was an emotional read for sure.

The second part was present day and sometimes frustrating that he 'allowed' himself to still be a victim, but this did not take away my enjoyment of the book; and it did not stop me liking him.

The bit that confused me was the fact that he had a daughter…….it kind of just got thrown in there. I don’t recall reading the part where he found out about her or him spending anytime with her, it also took me a while to realise that Tori actually already knew his daughter……..My memory is bad when I try to recall what I have read but I’m sure I would remember something as significant as the birth of his child since so much focus had been put on the fact that he couldn’t have children!……This annoying little detail also did not distract me from the overall story.

It is a really really good book but if you decide to read it as a stand alone be prepared to add a whole lot more books to your TBR pile because I’m sure you wont want to stop here!!