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The Gathering (Darkness Rising, Book 1)

The Gathering - Kelley Armstrong Previously I have only read a sort story by Kelly Armstrong so had no preconceived ideas about her work or anything to compare it to. I was instantly captivated by the prologue of this book. The way Maya’s friend Serena died was obviously suspicious and immediately made me want to find out more.

By 40% of the book I didn’t want to stop reading and hated my eyes for getting so heavy and failing me, then turning my night into a sleep full of dreams about women turning into cougars……..not the 50 year old teen boy loving kind!! At that point I had decided that the medical research town was more about the kids than finding new cures.

By 90% I realised that we weren’t going to get many answers because there wasn’t enough time left so I began to get frustrated! I really don’t see the point in reading a book that leaves me with more questions than answers because that’s no fun for me and by the time the next book comes out I will have forgotten all the things I needed to know so wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it!!

What I do like about YA books is that they don’t waste ink giving us excessive description or bombarding us with metaphors (I hate metaphors when I’m reading for entertainment….it’s such a waste of reading time!!) so that was definitely a plus for this book. It was ‘comfortable’ reading and it was interesting reading and it was entertaining. I just wish we’d been given more answers!!!!