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Trouble - Jesse Kellerman Can I give no stars??...........oh go on I will give one * purely because Jesse managed to sit and write 60,000 words in some form of order even if that order wasn't to my liking!!

Where to start? well I don't like metaphor's and simile's but this author clearly does, I don't mind the odd one but this book seemed full of them and it totally distracts me from the story and good grief how much description do we need?? It was waffle waffle waffle from start to finish.

The story was quite disturbing and from my point of view original, with many surprises and unexpected twists and turns. I wasn't at any point one step ahead of the writer, my mind doesn't work in the same way as his and I didn't predict any thing that was going to happen correctly in advance. So maybe I will give this another star for the predictabilities or should I say un-predictabilities! There ya go from none to two stars in three paragraphs!