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Crossroads (Crossroads Saga)

Crossroads - Mary Ting The cover is aesthetically pleasing and had I seen it in a book shop I would be immediately drawn to it. The blurb really caught my attention with its original and interesting sounding storyline.

I have really struggled to rate and review this book because my feelings are so mixed about it. I loved the story, there was action suspense love and humour (in the form of Davin!) the plot was original and there were the right amount of characters and conflict. So technically it had everything you need to write a book but………

I found it difficult to get into, the first half dozen chapters were very slow and hard going though it did pick up pace after that. I think the reason for this was the writing style, it just didn’t do it for me. It didn’t flow in that easy modern way that makes you forget you’re reading… that makes you feel like you are living in the book. Each line took effort to read and I constantly had to drag my attention back to the story.

The friend with the same name thing rather confused me, I was waiting for some big revelation like …..the wrong one of the two had died …..or they were twins separated at birth but connected for ever etc. (ok so my imagination isn’t that good hence I’m a reader not a writer!!) but you know what I mean! There was such a big deal made out of the unusual fact that they shared not only first but also surnames that I really thought it was an important part of the scenario and would at some point be explained but it wasn’t………….or was it and I’d totally zoned out and missed it, that would be annoying!

I don’t want to be totally negative because Crossroads really has the potential to be a good book, its issues are totally fixable. A few subtle changes in the dialogue to bring the speech up to date and more natural would make it tonnes better and easier to read.

I would like to read more work by Mary Ting because this was definitely different to any other angel story I have read before and I’m sure with experience her writing will improve.

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