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Agent of Artifice

Agent of Artifice - S. Evan Townsend


We meet Michael; a rouge ‘Adept’ without a guild, in 1963 he is about to embark on a mission to assassinate Fidel and Raul Castro in Havana. Unfortunately things don’t go according to plan and he is caught, his talisman is stolen; weakening his powers and he is chained to the wall in a dirty cell to prevent him from teleporting.

The plot takes us back in time to 1958 when Michael first visited Havana. It was during the time there was an internal war for power in the guild. Kader (who we met in the prequel ‘Hammer of Thor’); the most powerful Adept was old and becoming weak, he was looking for allies and hoped Michael would be one of them. Just as Michael decided he was going to stay neutral, Kader was attacked and the rebels believed Michael to be an ally of Kaders which instantly made him a target, guildless and on the run. We follow the trails and tribulations of Michaels struggles back to present day.

S. Evan Townsend has a talent for building tension and excitement, during some scenes I found myself holding my breath and almost tripping over the words in my eagerness to see what happened next! His fluid writing style makes for an easy read, completely pulling the reader into this world of mystery and suspense.

What an excellent read!

Copy supplied for review……Thank-you.