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Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory - M. Garzon This is a coming of age drama about a seventeen year old girl, her dreams of becoming a show jumper and her first, and very passionate, love. Tea and her twin brother Seth live with their step-father Declan, their mother had died some years earlier and while overall the relationship between the three is generally good, Declan is quite strict and this sometimes causes tension especially between him and Tea. Tea’s life takes an unexpected downward turn after she and her friend are involved in a car accident and Tea has to come to terms with the changes it brings.

The chemistry between Jaden and Tea is palpable from the start, the fact that legally they are cousins is a little controversial but as they are not actually related by blood I didn’t have an issue with it, I was more concerned about the age difference………later in life it is not so important but if my 17 year old daughter was in a relationship with a 23 year old man I would be concerned!!

I felt a variety of emotions while reading, anger at Dec’s physical punishment and at the fact that he banned Tea from the show she had been training for years to attend…… it was way too harsh, the injustice of it made me really mad at him for her I actually wanted her to go behind his back and do it anyway……..so not a good thought to have as a mum!!! I totally felt Tea’s sadness after the accident, the descriptions of her feelings were so well written I was there living it all with her. Finally I felt happy with the outcome. The book ended how it should despite my earlier misgivings!

The story reads slow like a well narrated film and has a ‘lazy’ feel to it, begging not to be rushed but savoured and enjoyed. The writing style intrigues me because it reads like an experienced and established author has written it and certainly not like a first time writer or a self published piece of work. I am not familiar with all things equine but M Garzon has a unique way of integrating the explanations of ‘horsey’ terminology nicely into the story without it seeming like she was ‘explaining the terminology’ which I found quite interesting! The characters were well developed and the dialogue was believable. I think Blaze of Glory is a must read for all ages not just YA or horse lovers and I will follow with interest the career of this exciting new writer.

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