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Open Heart

Open Heart - Emlyn Chand

Open Heart is the second instalment in the Farsighted series, this time we hear from Simmi’s POV, the pace of the book is quite sedate and concentrates mainly on Simmi and her insecurities. She struggles with her feelings for both Alex and Dax, finally realising that the only reason she wanted Alex was because he was with Shapri, and that Dax has a side to him that she is drawn to regardless of Alex’s mistrust of him.

Emlyn Chand has an uncanny ability to describe to perfection the way other people feel, she did it in ‘Farsighted’ with Alex and has done it again here with Simmi. It is easy to see how Simmi’s lack of control over her life manifests itself into a distorted view of her body leading to a cycle of starvation, binging and purging. The turmoil she goes through is realistic and believable. At times I found myself getting frustrated with her, I wanted to yell at her to ‘get a grip’ and at other times I felt so sorry for her my heart broke.

Emlyn’s writing style is easy to read and flows effortlessly, she makes a point of including unfamiliar words when describing things from Simmi’s culture which are fitting to the story and work well. I enjoy reading books that have a diverse set of characters it reflects the world we live in today and I think it’s great that more and more authors are making a point of doing this. Emlyn does it in a way that feels natural and not forced. I would recommend this book to all young girls and hope that it would make them realise that no matter your race or walk of life, teenagers all go through the same insecure and awkward feelings.

I would like to thank Emlyn for sending me an ARC of ‘Open Heart’ for an honest review.