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A Path of Petals

A Path of Petals - M.A. Stacie I want to thank M.A.Stacie for sending me this ARC to review, I had been waiting for her next release with bated breath and I was excited and giddy to receive it early.

When Griffin Holt returns to his childhood home to clear out his dead fathers house he just wants to be in and out in as short a time as possible. Driving down a country road filled with pink blossom, Griffin has to stop his car because there is a strange woman blocking his path, she is dancing around bare foot in the middle of the road. His first impression of this girl is that ‘surely she must be from the local mental hospital’ she certainly acts a bit quirky! Getting out of the car, his first mistake, he meets Rain and all his plans suddenly go out the window!

Griffin is an uptight American business man, very conservative in his outlook and can’t begin to understand anyone who doesn’t live by the normal nine to five rules and Rain definitely isn’t a nine to fiver!

Rain is one of those free spirits whom I’m sure we all envy. She often gets itchy feet and goes where-ever the urge takes her, never settling in one place for long, but always returning home to Buttermere between adventures. Tattooed and pierced she certainly isn’t Griffins usual ‘fancy’ but there is something very endearing about Rain and he can’t seem to stay away from her.

M.A.Stacie never fails to deliver in the romance department. She has given us two people who would never in a million years be right for each other, and has proved the old adage that opposites attract. I absolutely loved watching Griffin soften and loosen up. He was so stuffy in the beginning it was painful to see but Rain could see deeper into his soul and was determined to bring the real Griffin to the surface.

I got everything I wanted and more in this well written love story, humour, love, lust and angst . There were some very steamy scenes and there were some very touching scenes and overall the result was for me the perfect dreamy read.