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Sora's Quest: The Cat's Eye Chronicles (Volume 1)

Sora's Quest - T.L. Shreffler

After being kidnapped by the assassin that killed her father, Sora finds herself dragged into the forgotten world of mage’s, wolfies and magic. She yearns for freedom but once the assassin discovers the cat’s eye hanging around her neck he can’t let her go. The ‘cat’s Eye’ is a rare and magical stone with ancient powers, but once worn it cannot be removed from the owners throat without dire consequences. Wanting the protection of the stone to help him evade Volcrain, a powerful mage seeking revenge for the death of his brother, Crash needs to keep Sora close and with the help of his wolfie friend Dorian they vow to keep her and the stone safe. The question is, will Sora learn to control the stone before it begins to control her?

This is the first book in a trilogy and is an exciting start to the series. We are introduced to a variety of interesting characters and species. Our MC, Sora has lived a very sheltered life not experiencing anything outside the walls of her fathers estate, but she is curious and eager to see the world. Being held captive by a wolfie and an assassin isn’t exactly the way she envisioned her adventures to begin, but as the days and weeks pass she finds herself becoming attached to the pair. Crash is an enigma, he is brooding and dark with a lack of humanity that makes him difficult to like, but when Sora's life is at risk we see a softer side to him that had my heart melting.

I became a fan this author after reading ‘Mark of the wolf’ a few months ago and I have not been disappointed in any of the books I’ve read by her since. T.L Shreffler has the skill to paint a very visual setting, creating a believable and exhilarating world to escape to. Her characters have depth and feel real with natural flowing dialogue and interesting personalities. Sora’s Quest is a steady paced fantasy moving forward with a good dose of action followed by a comfortable amount of down time. The cliff hanger ending was aaarrrgggghhh….(I hate cliff hangers), and has me itching to read the next instalment.

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