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Fat Chances

Fat Chances - J.S. Wilsoncroft 3.5*

Overweight teenager Annie has her life turned up side down when her twin sister Molly drags her along to Zumba class to help her lose weight. She can’t believe it when the hunky instructor, Cory starts to show an interest in her, and she repeatedly finds herself making clumsy mistakes which only make him notice her more.

‘Fat chances’ gives us an insight into the feelings of an overweight girl, she constantly puts herself down and thinks no-one could possibly find her attractive. Her negativity colours the feeling of the whole book and at times I found it a little too pessimistic. I am overweight and ‘hate’ my body shape so can easily relate to Annie and her situation, but felt that I would have enjoyed this story more had it had a few light hearted moments where Annie could laugh at herself instead of continuously mentioning her fat thighs and spare tyres.

The latter part of the story was a little more upbeat but unfortunately this section of the book felt rushed as if the author just wanted to get it over with so we weren’t able to fully enjoy Annie in happier times.

Overall the novel was well written and interesting, it did drag in a few places because of variations of the same negative theme but I’m glad I read it and would recommend it for a Sunday afternoon in the garden read.

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