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Warped Mirrors

Kongen bukker og dræber - Herta Müller

Young Julian is convinced he is better than the poor lifestyle his mum can give him, so with the intention of tasting his dream he befriends the headmasters son. Accompanying the family on a trip to a Scottish estate in the country Julian gets more than he bargained for when he meets his host ‘Julian’ and soon begins to realise the similarities between them are more than just their name.

In parts I became a little confused, there were alternate dimensions and time travel and for some reason I’ve always found it difficult to get my head around these concepts. The way changing something in the past can have a devastating result on the future…. it’s just too ‘big’ for me to comprehend! The inclusion of a mysterious Mayan globe said to have originated from an alternate universe and a strange board game that put me in mind of the 1995 film ‘Jumanji’ made for a very complex plot with a lot of possible variables.

There was one thing that got on my nerves….We were constantly being reminded of young Julian’s growing lust for ‘old’ Julian’s girlfriend, with a steady stream of instances where his desire was visible and the - not so lady like - ladies repeatedly made comments about his obvious discomfort. I didn’t find his embarrassment amusing though I think that was the intention, perhaps it’s man humour, I just didn’t see the funny side and got a bit fed up of hearing about the young lads lack of control over certain body parts.

Warped mirrors (apt title) is not an overly long read, it flows well and has natural sounding dialogue with bits in a Scottish accent (which was fun to listen to on my kindle!!) It was slow to start but the pace picked up nicely as I got into the story. This is definitely a read YA paranormal and fantasy lovers would enjoy.

Copy supplied as an author taster! Thank-you