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Between: Crossroads Saga

Between - Mary Ting

Because Claudia has a ‘special’ soul she is wanted by everyone; for their own reasons, so the Divine Elders have made arrangements to keep her safe. Whisked away into a safe house where even Michael can’t sense her, Claudia has to learn to trust her captor and accept that he is there to protect her like her grandmother wanted. Claudia soon starts to weaken where Austin is concerned and when a mystery woman from Michaels past appears on the scene things become even more complicated for the pair and we start to wonder if Michael and Claudia’s love is strong enough to last.

After reading ‘Crossroads’ (book one in the series) I was a little unsure about trying this one, because although I loved the story I couldn’t get to grips with the writing style. Fortunately my worries were unfounded, the writing was much more relaxed in this instalment and allowed me to be pulled into the world of angels and demons with ease. I loved the way the story continued from book one, with Claudia living a normal life in a normal world and Michael being there only if she needed him. When Claudia was kidnapped and Michael could no-longer sense her, the pace picked up and the book became ‘unputdownable’!

‘Between’ has a bit of everything, action, confusion, love and heartache and will send any reader on a roller coaster of emotions, it didn’t always travel in the direction I expected or wanted and there was one particular instance that had me really frustrated. I am glad I did bite the bullet and continue this series and am only sad now that I have to wait a while before I can read book three.

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