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Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key - Jeff LaFerney Skeleton Key by Jeff LaFerney

3.5 Stars

Clay and Tanner have been struggling to come to terms with Jessie’s death, it’s been almost a year and they still miss her. During a visit with Zander; the neuroscientist who has been studying the pair, he asks if they would be willing to use their powers to help a friend of his find her missing husband. They decide to do it, so they travel to Durand to meet with Erika Payne and her son Logan. Clay is surprised to discover that Erika is his old high school girlfriend; the girl he used his powers on to make ‘like’ him, and then out of guilt ‘forget’ him!

Skeleton key is a far more action packed book than ‘Loving the Rain’. Filled with mystery and suspense keeping the reader guessing until the very end. We are given more insight into the pairs personality, Clay and his continuing hang ups about their mind powers and Tanner who sees it as a gift to be embraced. The story moves on at a steady pace and has underlying moral messages for the reader. There is less focus on the sporting side and more of an actual story where the duo find Erika’s missing husband and attempt to solve a seven year old murder.

Although there is a touch of the paranormal in this book with Clay and tanners mind controlling powers, it is not done excessively, so the book leans more to the mystery genre for me than paranormal.