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pig - Sbr Martin, Sherry Linger Kaier

4.5 Stars

‘Pig’ is an interesting, if disturbing recount of ‘Lily’s’ life with her abusive husband. Told from memories triggered by people offering condolences at the viewing of her husbands coffin. We learn how off balance ‘Bender’ was in life and how a seemingly ‘normal’ woman chose to stay in such an unstable relationship even when she had at one point been given a way out.

I have never read a story quite like this before, it is totally unique in the way it has been written, and personally I found it fascinating and unputdownable. The way sbr writes pulled me into the story and before I knew it I was 70% of my way through the book and midnight had long since disappeared! The characters were so realistic it felt like I was reading a true story. I did not predict the out come, it snuck up on me and shocked me it was so unexpected.

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