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Flying Solo

Flying Solo:  an unconventional aviatrix navigates turbulence in life - Jeanette Vaughan 4 Stars

Flying Solo is a fact based story about Nora and her somewhat restricted life. Set in The Deep South during the 1960’s, the mind set of this era managed to both frustrate and anger me. Nora; a woman who married a man with money and power, really enjoyed flying. It fascinated her, but her husband would never allow her to have lessons and become a pilot herself…women just didn’t fly planes! But after seeing an advertisement for lessons at a near by airfield, Nora secretly signed up. This was the beginning of many changes for Nora. She was attracted to her teacher and was unable to resist his advances, for the first time in her life Nora learned that sex wasn’t something that had to be endured, with the right man it could be a magical experience!

Jeanette Vaughan’s attention to detail has turned this story into more than your typical romance. The technical terminology is convincingly accurate as are her descriptions the era. Giving us a sneak peek behind the curtains into an outwardly perfect life we saw the cracks in Nora’s life and travelled an emotional journey with her.

This is a well written fast paced debut novel from an author who is now added to my list of authors to watch.

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