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The Strings of the Violin

The Strings of the Violin - Alisse Lee Goldenberg The Strings of the Violin by Alisse Lee Goldenberg

3.5 Stars

When Carrie, Lindsay and Rebecca met they were the wolf pack that lived under the teachers desk, they shared stories of a magical land where animals could speak and were always in trouble for their day dreaming. A few years later when they no longer believed, Carrie was approached by a talking fox who wanted her to go on a mission to save his realm, they were dying because the music had stopped and they needed it to survive. Carrie now had to convince her friends that their stories had been true and it was up to them to save this magical place before it was too late.

The Strings of the Violin is a very exciting children’s book. It reminds me of the adventures I used to go on as a child in the Faraway Tree or on the Wishing Chair. The story moves along at a nice pace and the characters-though they appear younger than seventeen, are varied, with personalities that complement each other.

The prose is simple and the plot is uncomplicated and easy to follow. It is predictable from an adults point of view but I am sure for a child aged 8 and over this would be quite an exciting read

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