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Jellicle Girl

Jellicle Girl - Stevie Mikayne
Jellicle Girl is the story of Beth an intelligent but self harming sixteen year old from a broken home. Managing to fast track to university she is forced to attend counselling to help with the early transition, she is reluctant to go and tries to put off the inevitable but once she finally makes the move she finds herself opening up to Nancy in a way she never realised she could. I found it to be a thought provoking book, watching Beth’s inner struggles as she works through difficult memories. There were some very touching scenes, I particularly liked the interaction between Beth and Lizzie, a disturbed little girl who Beth managed to connect with. The incident at Lizzie’s bath time forced Beth to resist her own urges and to deal with her thoughts of Jackie in a less self destructive way, I had hoped this would be the start of self control for Beth.

Stevie Mikayne did a great job at putting us inside the head of a young woman who ‘thinks’ she is crazy. Watching her as she teeters on the edge of what is real and what isn’t and seemingly enjoying punishing herself. There was intrigue, the need to know what had happened to Jackie and that kept me turning the pages more than anything else. The dialogue was in keeping with how kids her age speak and overall the writing and vocabulary was simple and easy to read.

I don’t know if I really enjoyed this book. It was very deep and covered a dark subject of a tormented mind and an unhappy girl which I sometimes found depressing. If this is the genre of your choice I think it is well worth reading.

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