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The Beginning: The Four (Volume 1)

The Beginning - Margaret A. Millmore
Having the same nightmare over and over for years can be a little disturbing but when you discover three of your friends are having the same dream, well that’s just weird! But that is exactly what happened to Clare, Colin, Sam and Sal, so their mutual friend Kate decides to find out what this all means.

This story is quite interesting, though not an entirely unique concept. It is the story of destiny and having no choice but to take the path given, just because of birth rights. The book is very character and dialogue driven which gives us the chance to gain a good insight into their personalities.

I did find it a little slow going, in the first half of the book; most of the story concentrates on the dreams that the group have been having on and off at various times throughout their lives, and it felt a little repetitive. Things started to get more interesting and the pace picked up after Charlie comes on the scene.

The Beginning, is just that, the beginning of what I’m sure will turn out to be an exciting series. What I hope for future instalments is that we will be shown more and told less. I don’t quite know how to explain what I mean by that, but there is something missing in the writing here that I see when I read the work of some other novelists. I have read previous work by this author and know she has some great stories to tell, it will be interesting to watch her grow as she gains experience in her writing.

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