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Millicent Marie Is Not My Name

Millicent Marie Is Not My Name - Karen Pokras Toz ARC

There is nothing more annoying than younger brothers, and Millicent Marie’s 10 year old brother Douglas has the shorts on irritating. He takes every opportunity he can, to go in her room and get into her stuff, always giving the excuse that ‘mom sent me to fetch such-a-thing’…yeah right!. On September 23rd he went beyond irritating and straight to infuriating when he decided to start an online blog, and used an entry from Millie’s private journal as the first post….

I smiled, a lot, while reading this book… As a parent I thought Millie’s idea about a parent swap library was fantastic, though I would change it to a ‘children swap’ lol. She had a very dry sense of humour and her diary entries were often extremely funny. Douglas was without doubt a sisters worst nightmare and I have a soft spot for his character, it would be nice to see the world from his POV at some point in the future *hint hint*. He was typical of the 10 year old boys I know and it’s interesting to see that his behaviour is a ‘gender’ thing that spans the world…This book is American and I am English, but clearly boys are boys whatever their country of origin!!

The moral of this story is to be honest, and not to say things behind peoples backs, and I think the author did a great job of getting this message across without lecturing. We see how Millie has an inner battle between 'knowing' what is right and 'doing' what is right and we get to witness the outcomes to her various choices.

Karen Pokras Toz has proved herself to be an exceptional writer for children, first her 'Nate Rocks' books and now 'Millicent Marie is Not my Name'. She uses language that is age appropriate and situations that are relatable for the target audience. Millicent Marie is a witty story, written in a style that is easy to read, this is a book my eleven year old daughter would definitely enjoy, a ‘gossip girl’ for pre teens I can see it appealing to most young girls.

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