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Revenge: Blood and Honor Series Book 1

Revenge - Dana Delamar Revenge by Dana Delamar

4 Stars

After an argument with Vincent, her husband, turns violent, Kate realises she has no choice but to leave him. Unbeknownst to her Vincent is a part of the Mafia and walking away from him is not going to be that easy. She turns to her boss, Enrico, for help. What Kate also doesn’t know is that he is connected to the mob too, but on the opposite side of the fence to her husband. The war between the two families, that has been smouldering for years, flares up and she is right in the middle of it.

I grew up in a time when ‘The Godfather’ with Al Pachino was a big hit, and apart from that series of films I have never really been interested in any facts or fiction related to this subject. I have to say I might change that now because this was a really interesting action packed story with ‘umph’! Revenge is not a short book or a quick read, it took me a number of evening reads to complete, but I didn’t feel the urge to rush to the end, I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

Dana has the ability to pull in the reader with a great writing style, varied vocabulary, realistic characters and an exciting plot. This is the start of a series and I hope she manages to keep up the pace and standard she has set with this instalment throughout the rest of the series. I would recommend this to fans of the genre.

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