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To Dance in Liradon

To Dance in Liradon - Adrienne  Clarke To Dance in Liradon by Adrienne Clarke

4 Stars

Brigid wants the dream, a knight in shining armour to whisk her away on his white horse and love her unconditionally, but she can’t help but be drawn to the forest’s hidden depths. Fascinated by the faerie Queen and the delights of the forest she can’t stay away, and this fascination has turned her into the village outcast.. Brigids mother wants her to marry Connell the local miller who for his own reasons agrees to the union with the girl no-one else wants. During a trip for wedding dress material, Connell disappears only to be found sometime later a changed man. Is he under the fair folk spell? Can he really be the man of Brigid’s dreams?

Adrienne Clarke has a very poetic writing style and has produced a beautifully written piece of work. The story deals with both light and dark emotions with complicated characters that are easy to connect with and feel for. The description is very visual and it is easy to lose yourself in the magic of it. To Dance in Liradon is a sweet, well written imaginative fairy story. Full of choices to make, and sacrifices to endure. I was taken on a powerful journey full of mystery and fantasy and was thoroughly entertained.

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