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Elijah's Conquest: (Book One): 1

Three Blue Suits: Mr. Froelich/Herbert Wilson/Eugene - Aline Bernstein Elijah Conquest (book One) by June Spears

3 Stars

Elijah is a vampire with a conscience, he doesn’t take life and he never visits the same victim twice. He becomes obsessed with finding Isobel, the woman who changed his life forever by showing him the darkness. Driven by lust and his thirst for blood he seeks fulfilment from a number of sources, male, female, human and vampire.

I’m not quite sure what the actual story line is because Elijah and Isobel meet up fairly early in the book so I don’t think that’s it. There are lots of vampires who feed from each other as well as from humans. Some of them are new, some are old, some have no issues making new vampires, while others refuse to subject others to their same fate. There is a darker, evil vampire who attacks other vampires making them as vulnerable as humans, so maybe this threat is the core for the plot, I’m just not really sure, it is pretty mixed up and fast moving going off in all directions.

There were a lot of irritating editing issues, typo’s missing words and wrong word usage, that could have been picked up with a couple more read through’s. I sometimes get quite frustrated when writers rush to get their work out there before the manuscript is type perfect, it lets the book down and lets the author down.

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