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Glistening Haven

Glistening Haven - Jill  Cooper Glistening Haven : A Dystopian Thriller by Jill Cooper

3.5 Stars

They are a danger to humans but want to be human so hide themselves amongst us. Jenna an agent whose job it is to round them up and place them in one of the ‘Haven’s’. The Havens are towns set up to make ‘Glistenings’ feel they are free to live the human lives they desperately seek, and a place to keep their monsters under control.

This was an unusual story and had some quite touching moments. I could totally feel for both The Glistenings and the Humans because they both had good reasons for not liking the way things were.

It was an easy read, steadily paced with a good build up to a dramatic conclusion. Susan’s main focus was to save her son and Jenna had secrets of her own to keep, add it all up with the unplanned pregnancy and escapees and all in all you are given an exciting read with a unique plot.

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