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The Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizers

Appetizers - Ivan Rusilko, Everly Drummond

3.5 Stars

Well I was promised a ‘real life’ Christian Grey in this book …. I love 50!…so I dove in with high expectations… bad idea. I was let down, Ivan wasn’t my Christian! So let’s take that comparison out of the equation and think about this book in it’s own right, because really it deserves to stand on it’s own and not ride on the back of ‘that’ book….

Having a book written by two people, one male one female, is an interesting concept, I have only read one book written this way before and both times I was amazed at how well they were done. I’m not sure who wrote which parts, the blending was seamless, and the pair work together well. The writing was comfortable and easy to read with a good flow. The characters were rounded and in the most part realistic. Ivan did seem a little ‘too’ good to be true, but I have seen pics and he is a fine looking specimen, just a shame about the sometimes unrealistic dialogue!!

The story is character driven with no big drama’s or tension building angst, so the pull of the story is in the romance, and the ‘hot scenes’…….. and there is some steam in there. As far as the romance is concerned it was…erm…. well at times I found Ivan to be too sickly sweet and annoying. Over the top is the only way I can describe it, with the cheesy lines and annoying pet names, I found it hard not to groan out loud.

There is definitely a market out there for ‘The Winemakers Dinner’, romance lovers who don’t mind the fact that the author wrote himself as the MC…..I think it was that fact that I couldn’t get over to be honest, I just kept thinking ‘this guy loves himself so much how does he have room in his heart to really love Jaden’? I don’t know, maybe that is just my hang up, but it did change the way I viewed the read.

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