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If You Were Mine: The Sullivans, Book 5 (Contemporary Romance)

If You Were Mine - Bella Andre If You Were Mine (Sullivan’s book 5) by Bella Andre

4.5 Stars

In this instalment of ‘The Sullivan’s’ we meet Zach Sullivan, he owns a chain of garages and is mega rich. He didn’t quite melt my heart as much as Jake did in the previous Sullivan book because Zach is just a bit too cocky and sure of himself for my liking. He knows he is good looking and can have any girl he wants and he turns his charm on with Heather, even though the time and the place isn’t really appropriate.……Luckily she has a good head on her shoulders and gives him a run for his money refusing to fall for his cheesy comments and pick-up lines!

This is not to say I didn’t enjoy the read because I did, we soon get to see the softer side of him, and his possessiveness over Heather lets us know that he is falling for her, which of course is against everyone of his own rules. The dog training plot line was a little weak, no-one dog sitting for only two weeks would really consider puppy training classes, but Bella Andre can be forgiven that slight because her writing skills are so on point. I was drawn into this story, I loved seeing characters from the rest of the series popping in, and I wanted to see how this relationship played out.

This author does put me in mind of Emma Darcy, and also Nora Roberts; who for me is one of the best writers in romance that I have come across, she has the same knack of giving the characters flaws and also adding a light-heartedness to the dialogue that stops the relationship feeling too mushy and cheesy. Yep I like this writer!

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