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Erin the Fire Goddess: Betrayal (Volume 2)

Erin the Fire Goddess: Betrayal - Lavinia Urban

3.5 Stars

The new school year begins, and Erin has suddenly become more popular. All the students believe she has had laser treatment on her birthmark and that’s fine by her, even though it does highlight just how shallow they are! Sean is as attentive as ever and even Kasey-Ray and Justin share a little romance. It is not all plain sailing though, once Louise, a new girl in town, shows up and decides that Sean is the boy for her, things get a little tetchy!

‘Betrayal’ follows on nicely from ‘The Beginning’, a few new characters are introduced and we learn quite a lot of family history from Erin’s Grans journal, which helps us to understand things a little better. Besides the fact that this group have ‘special powers’ they still have to deal with the normal teenage angst, so it goes to show that even super hero’s don’t always have it easy!!

Lavinia Urban has an interesting tale to tell and it isn’t over yet, there are still a lot of questions gone unanswered here. Unfortunately just like book one the typo’s and erratic punctuation let the book down ……. now I’m hopeless at punctuation but even I can see that it needs work. In my opinion a good editor could polish and tighten this book up improving its readability and expanding its market potential, so I hope Lavinia considers that an option in the future.

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