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Starchild: The Age of Akra

Starchild: The Age of Akra - Vacen Taylor

Mia, a thoughtbanker, is chosen by the ministers to train with SahDobha and become part of the prophecy. Mia’s brother, Long, volunteers to be her chaperone and together the pair set out on the journey to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts. Starchild is book one in an interesting new junior fiction series and follows Mia and Long on the first section of their trip. We are introduced to a number of characters with unique abilities that will enable the reader to use their imagination to escape into an exciting world full of adventure.

I read a lot of Fantasy books and find they all seem to follow a particular pattern, quite often the protagonist is a young strong female who sets out on a journey and meets obstacles along the way that are overcome by battle. This book is no different in that sense, but as the story is aimed at children who are only at the start of their adventure story life, the repetition should not be an issue for them. On the up side although the story has some of the familiar fantasy adventure traits, it has enough unique points to distinguish it from other tales in the genre.

This book will be received well by the target audience and is aimed at both boys and girls. The writing style is comfortable and the vocabulary is suitable for children over ten years with good reading skills. I would recommend this book, and will be encouraging my own 12-year-old daughter to read it.

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