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Nate Rocks the School (Volume 3)

Nate Rocks the School (Nate Rocks, #3) - Karen Pokras Toz 5 Stars

Going into 5th grade is ‘the best’ as far as Nathan Rockledge and his friends are concerned. They have the Halloween dance to look forward to but even better they will be going on the trip to New York City that every 5th grader gets to experience. Little does Nathan know that the whole class has to fund raise to cover the cost of the trip and he is going to have to put up with ‘Lisa Crane’ and her ‘know it all ways’ to organise the events.

This is another great instalment of the ‘Nate Rocks’ series. Finding himself in a multitude of situations he’d rather not be in, Nathan constantly finds himself drawing his way into his superhero mode and helping various people have a better day. From a car wash to a car chase, and even a robot in city hall, nothing is too tricky for ‘Nate Rocks’!

Once again Karen Pokras Toz has built a fantastical world where young imaginations can run wild. Nate’s exciting adventures are creative and innocent which is ideal for children aged 9-12 but enjoyable for all ages.

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