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Jumper (Time Travelers)

Jumper - Jeff LaFerney Jumper by Jeff LaFerney

4.5 Stars

Have you ever seen the film ‘Jumper’ directed by Doug Liman? If so this book will put you in mind of that film, Cole Flint’s abilities are remarkably similar to those of David Rice, the films MC. The story line however is nothing like it. We have Cole Flint our unwitting hero who is drawn into the role of protector when he discovers his unique ability to teleport and time travel, and Hannah Carpenter who for some reason is the only person who can remove the Staff of Moses from the rock in a ‘Sword in the Stone’ manner. Once the King of Jordan discovers the Staff on his land he wants it and all the power it holds. So with the aid of a motorcycle Cole teleports Hannah five years into the past to safety, and this is where the chapter headers become important to keep track of where and when you are while reading.

Time travel always messes with my head but I have to say this book is pretty well explained, and I didn’t feel nearly as confused as I normally do with this type of story! There were some points that had me wondering, for instance ….When Cole travelled back and changed his name plus the way his victims died, his family and the police remembered the ‘new’ past yet the reporters remembered the story they had originally posted.

The fact that certain people remembered certain pasts was briefly explained towards the end of the book, but it felt to me like an after thought to excuse why some people remembered while others didn’t. Another point that felt rushed to me was Cole’s parentage, it wasn’t covered much throughout the story and then suddenly we find out who his mum is, again it felt like it was thrown in there just to tie up loose ends an I was a little disappointed with those parts of the plot.

I have read a few of Jeff’s books, and this by far, is the most enjoyable for me. It had me staying up late to read and that hasn’t happened very often just lately. I found the writing comfortable and was easily able to live in the moment. The story was fast paced, and exciting throughout and I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an exhilarating read.

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