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Liam and the Grump

Company's Coming: Stir-Fry - Jean Paré Liam and the Grump by Graham Austin-King, Illustrated by Sarah Heseltine

5 Stars

Liam and the Grump is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a young boy and his bad temper. Liam finds himself getting angry and doing ‘bad’ stuff but doesn’t know why. First his dad tries to teach him how to control it, but when that doesn’t work his mum has another suggestion.

On an educational level the message is quite clear about self-control and this is a lovely story to highlight to young children that being grumpy is normal and there are ways to make yourself feel better.

I read the ebook version on my PC and though the pictures were bright and colourful I think for a child to get the full benefit the printed version would be better. I could easily see myself sat on the sofa sharing this book with my grandchildren while they turn the pages with their podgy hands.

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