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Courting Danger: Agents for the Crown: 1

Courting Danger - Elizabeth A. Lance Courting Danger: Agents For the Crown by Elizabeth Anne Lance

3 Stars

Predominantly a period romance, Elizabeth Lance did throw a little intrigue into ‘Courting Danger’ book one of her Agents of the Crown series. When Ellen visited France with her aunt, she was totally smitten by her brother’s friend Christopher Fairfax. Unfortunately he was determined not to be taken in by any female he met on this trip and he saw Ellen as nothing more than an annoying flirt. Ellen, being quite forward for the time, approaches Christopher and asks him why he is treating her so harshly, and initially I did feel like it was a case of, ‘wanting what you can’t have’ when it came to her feelings for him.

I found it quite difficult to connect with either Ellen or Christopher.

Ellen because she was so selfish and annoying. She was way too boyish for this time period and her actions were rarely those befitting of a lady. She was like a pampered princess and I just didn’t like her, I wouldn’t make her my friend!

Christopher was grumpy and rude although he did become more acceptable during the story, my mind was kind of set into ‘eww he’s an ass’ mode, the first impression really did last!

Overall this was an interesting story though quite long winded and in parts over written. I think it may have been easier to enjoy had it been less wordy.

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