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Bella - Steve Piacente Bella by Steve piacente

4 Stars

A seductive thriller makes for an interesting mix of genres, made even more unique by the fact that it’s from a mans point of view. It’s a refreshing read, there are so many components within the story, it’s a romance, a thriller, and it addresses everyday real life issues, it would have been very easy for things to get confusing but it didn’t, largely thanks to the fantastic writing style of the author.

This is a book where the scenarios are possible, the feelings are honest and there are facts, its almost harsh and cold but in a good way, like a man, you’re given so little but you make it into so much- its brilliant.

It wasn’t until the end that I realised how I felt about the book. I strongly disliked the behaviour of Bella, but still wanted things to be good for her, I wanted her to get answers, all whilst thinking ‘what a B****’.

I think the troubles that Danny faces are gripping and close to the heart of many readers. Everyday people are faced with decisions that test your integrity, and to read a book where the character isn’t perfect is so nice, to often characters set a standard of unachievable perfection and I think this book is a credit to the author for many reasons, it’s great entertainment as well as an educational and eye opening read.

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