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Jasmine Nights - Julia Gregson Bootlicker by Steve Piacente

4 stars

He’s done it again, I don’t know if it’s his brilliant writing or his controversial choice of storylines but wow, this guy is brave. As an English reader I don’t perhaps feel the emotional connection to the issues as an American would but that doesn’t take the enjoyment away. The stories are daring, the amount of research behind it is fantastic, Piacente has in effect made a story that could easily be true.

I think its brave for anyone to tackle politics, even braver to address racism, these are real issues that people no longer think about, Bootlicker forces the reader to react and to assess their own thoughts and actions.

The more I read from this author the more challenged I feel, you ask yourself these questions and you travel the journey with the characters but also in your own way, you disagree with the decisions and by the end, I think many will agree, you’re shocked by your own thought process and it’s like walking a path of self discovery.

I cant fault the writing, I cant fault the story or the characters, and I cant praise it without giving too much away, therefore I think this is one everyone needs to read for themselves.

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