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The Gospel of the Second Coming - Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy 7G – Debbie Kump

3 Stars.

The world has moved on a little and technology has taken a big step forward. People have a digital programme directly into their mind. It comes in the form of a contact lens type devise where people can download information directly from the net, it’s known as DOTS. It is a normal piece of equipment for nearly everyone. The story starts just before there is the new upload to 7G. It is seen as just another upload but once it’s turned on everything changes with deadly consequences.

We follow Alyssa, a young woman who is stationed on a navy submarine testing out sonic technology. With a twist of fate she is ill and does not have her DOTS in when the upgrade is made. The other character we meet is Erik, who again does not have his DOTS at the time of the upgrade. Aylssa is stuck on a sub sinking to the bottom of the ocean with everyone else aboard is dead. Erik finds his girlfriend and little sister dead and tries to escape the carnage around him.

I’ve read about how technology can destroy the world before and Debbie has written it well. The characters are well defined and we see them face one trail after another. What stopped me enjoying it more was she went from Aylssa’s predicament and then the next chapter we are back on Erik and then Aylssa until they join up. It felt a little choppy but it was a good read.

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