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He Belongs to Me

He Belongs to Me - Theresa Rizzo He Belongs To Me by Theresa Rizzo

4 Stars

This book had me hooked immediately. I could tell from the start it wasn’t going to be just a simple run of the mill romance, it was already proving to have more depth and I was really excited about reading it after just the first chapter.

The story followed Catherine who had just graduated from college and was preparing her home for her son to join her in California. Catherine had been estranged from her husband for the last four years since the death of one of their twins had caused the family to split. Their son, Drew, had been living with Catherine’s parents while she was in college and the time had now come for him to move back with her. Unfortunately her parents had a different idea of what was best for Drew and the fight was on to get the boy where he belonged.

Catherine was left with no choice but to contact her husband Thomas and ask for his help in getting Drew back. He was still pretty raw and hurting over the death of Drew’s twin, but he did the right thing when it mattered and together they set out to fight her parents for custody.

This is a really good read and I highly recommend it, there were some things that Catherine did that had me yelling at the pages (in my head) and her parents were the nastiest most controlling pair that I’ve read about for a long time. All joined together it provided a dramatic and satisfying story that opened up a whole host of emotions in me. I will definitely be watching out for more books by this author, her writing was easy and natural and I was completely drawn into the world she created here.

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