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Something Great

Something Great - M.  Clarke Something Great by M Clarke

4 Stars

Something Great is your typical romance novel. Rich experienced man falls for innocent normal girl and if you want to lose yourself in the total fantasy world of the perfect couple then this is definitely a book for you. I have to admit I am an old romantic at heart, and I love the thought of the playboy falling for that one special girl and giving up his loose ways just for her.

Of course the road to true love is never flat and the pair hit their bumps along the way. He nurses her while she is sick, he visits her in hospital after a bad car accident and there are a couple of occasions when the ex’s on both sides cause a hiccup. But as expected the heart wins out in the end leaving the reader feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Without doubt this book is predictable, but it really doesn’t matter because I loved the journey anyway. I liked the fact that I could just sit down and forget my life for a while and enjoy the ride without too much thought, even the heart shaped rice crispie treats didn’t make me groan out loud, well not too much!

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