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Going Under (The Oracles of St. Ambrose) (Volume 1)

Going Under - Jennifer M. Barry Going Under: The Oracles of St. Ambrose by Jennifer M Barry

4 Stars

When Chase moves to a new town with his father the last thing he expects is for a student to be murdered in the pool of his new school on his first day, but that is exactly what happens. And to make matters worse he seems psychically connected to the victim somehow. Realising that he is not the only person experiencing these new visions, Chase becomes friends with an unlikely pair, Bryan and Cinnamon.

Going Under is an unusual story with a mixed bag of genre; it’s a murder mystery with a paranormal twist wrapped in a coming of age drama! The three students attempt to solve the murder/accidental death of a fellow student by using powers they believe to have inherited from The Oracles, all the while trying to get around the social aspects of being in high school and mixing with the right group.

Chase is a likable character, he basically chooses to spend time and sit with the ‘not so popular’ kids, much to the disgust of the schools ‘new’ queen bee Savannah. Cinnamon AKA Natalie is a confident girl who doesn’t care what people say or think about her, and I think she has just as much of a crush on Chase as he does on her! The characters are relatable and have a realism to their personalities that makes the reader connect with them.

I found this book quite interesting and the ending had a nice twist that I didn’t work out in advance. It was an easy quick read that I completed over a couple of nights and would like to continue the series to see who the fourth member of their group is going to be and where their new found gifts will take them.

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