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Escape - Kenya Wright Escape by Kenya Wright

3 Stars

Escape is a short paranormal erotic romance and an interesting introduction into ‘The Vampire King’ trilogy. Brie is one of a number of women with special blood that allows them to birth vampire children, the women are called Dominas and are kept by the king in his castle under guard until their services are required by him. Brie has been living in the castle for two years and after she witnesses the slaughter of male children bearing the mark she decides she can’t risk the lives of her own babies so makes arrangements to escape.

I was a little unsure of the main characters and whether or not I really liked them, they both made some questionable decisions that had me wondering about their integrity. I couldn’t really see Brie as a heroine for sacrificing herself to save the young girls in her village when her priority as a mother should have been her own children. I could see why, when she went back and saw they had moved on without her and were settled with a new mother figure, coupled with the danger her presence would put them in, that to walk away from them again was really the only thing she could do.

Now Samuel, well initially I thought ‘wow what a hero, the perfect man’ etc but then when we discovered he had lied to Brie and was taking her in completely the opposite direction to home, just so he could be with her, that did it for me, I just thought ‘what a jerk’, and went right off him!

It is going to be interesting to see where Kenya takes this pair, to see if they can redeem themselves with me and earn back my respect, you never know it might happen!

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