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Found in You (Lost and Found Series) (Volume 1)

Bioritmy Cheloveka - Yu. Kuznetsov Found In You by K L Ruse

3 Stars

Five years after leaving her home town, pregnant and alone, Camryn returns with her son, Gavin, to live in her childhood home, as is the dying wish of her mother. Settling into a routine Camryn meets Cole, her neighbour and Gavins surfing instructor, and soon she finds herself falling for the man even though a relationship is the last thing on her mind. It isn’t long before Gavin’s absentee father, Todd learns they are back in town and says he wants to be a part of their sons life.

Camryn and Cole both had demons from their past keeping them from being able to connect with each other fully, and matters weren’t helped by Todd, who tried to wrangle his way back into Camryn’s life by using their son. My feelings towards Camryn fluctuated, at first I thought she was strong, bringing up her son without his father… though she had a really good support network with friends and her mum, then I got irritated by how she handles certain situations.

Found In You is your typical contemporary romance and I normally enjoy this genre enormously. I don’t know if it was just my mood or if this book really was heavily laden with cheese. In parts I was groaning at the sickly sweet comments and thoughts of the characters.

Though I found K L Ruse’s writing style comfortable and easy to read there really was too much fluff in here, even for me… Like I said perhaps I was just in the wrong mood for it.

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