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non friction

Non Friction - Morgan Parker Non Friction by Morgan Parker

3 Stars

Morgan’s 12 year marriage has ended and he decides to write a trashy novel and independently publish it, just for something to do. Pleased that he sold over 5000 copies in its first month on sale and that he received fan-mail, Morgan decides to write another book… now that he’s a real author or is that a writer? One description bugs him but I can’t remember which!

There is a lot of humour in this book, and parts of it made me laugh but there were also other parts I just didn’t find funny that I think were supposed to be. I suppose for whatever reason, be it nationality or taste I just don’t have the same sense of humour as this author, I’m not on his wave length.

I love romance, I like to have a touch of it in every book I read or I don’t really enjoy it, so I was hoping for great things here. Unfortunately this book didn’t do it for me. It has nothing to do with the writing style the editing or anything like that, it was mainly the story and the characters that I didn’t enjoy. The ex wife was a grumpy cow but apart from seeing her bad side we didn’t really learn why she was like that, Emma was nice on the outside but at times I thought she was leading him on and she got on my nerves. Then Morgan himself, well I found him creepy if I’m honest! All in all I didn’t find them likable or easy to connect with.

I would possibly read Morgan Parkers work again, just to see if it is just ‘Non Friction’ that I didn’t get along with or if it is Morgan Parker’s (the author) way of thinking that I don’t suit.

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