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Copied - S.M. Anderson Copied by S M Anderson

3 Stars

Xan and BETA23 are both clones, same DNA but grown in different environments resulting in very different people. The DNA is owned by the government and used to build an army but somehow Xan, who was supposed to be disposed of, was adopted on the black market and spent his childhood living as a normal boy. When the mix up is discovered BETA23 is sent to terminate him, with the help of friends Xan learns the truth about his past and goes out to capture BETA23 and find a way to keep the ‘clone’ company off his back forever.

I found the storyline to be a little unnerving because with how twisted the governments of this world are these days it isn’t so farfetched that DNA could end up being a copyrighted government property! I felt so sorry for Xan, to believe you are a person with normal human rights only to find out that you are infact a discarded clone that the authorities want to terminate. The nature vs nurture was very interesting. I am fascinated by this subject anyway, personally I tend to lean more to the side of nature, though after reading this my opinion isn’t so firm anymore.

Copied is not the best written book I have read. I feel it could gain from having a complete overhaul by both content and copy editors to bring it up to standard. The plot is written in simple terms, is quite sloppy in parts and needs tightening to give it the best chance of success in today’s saturated market.

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