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The Voice

The Voice - Jennifer Anne Davis The Voice by Jennifer Anne Davis

4 Stars

The Voice is a really emotional story that follows Audrey, a 17-year-old girl who is kidnapped and held captive, being raped and abused for weeks by her uncle. The story picks up as she is rescued and is more about her recovery and her preparation for the trial than the actual kidnap. After Audrey is rescued she really struggles to fit back into her normal life so decides to go away and stay with her aunt. Slowly but surely she begins to start living again. Going to school, and making friends are the first steps to her recovery.

The book had a realism to it that made me believe in the story. I felt for Audrey and the suffering she endured during, and after her ordeal. I wanted things to get better for her and I was glad that she had ‘The Voice’ to help her through the rough times. I’ve always been fascinated by the connection twins seem to have and when Justin and Caleb were introduced I wasn’t shocked or put off by the fact that they could read each other so well, however once the story progressed and certain things came to light I was reminded this was just a book, and it wasn’t real.

Jennifer Davis is a talented writer, she included just the right amount of description to pull the reader in but not too much to bog the story down. She covered a very difficult subject in a sensitive way and created credible characters with believable emotions. I loved the book.

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