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Caprion's Wings (The Cat's Eye Chronicles Novella)

Complete Paintings - Michelangelo, Cecil & Sindona,  Enio Gould, Enio Sindona Caprion’s Wings by T L Shreffler

4 Stars

Caprion’s Wings is a ‘Cat’s Eye Chronicles’ Novella and gives us a fuller understanding about Harpies and their background. Harpies who fail to grow their wings by adulthood are outcasts in their society and Caprion is nearing that age. If his charts are correct, he has only one more chance to enter the singing chamber, connect with his star, and succeed. When he hears a strange voice ruining his chances once more, Caprion finds himself drawn to the hidden underground prison to find its source.

With the help of a young warrior named Talarin, Caprion manages to sneak into the prison unseen, once there he finds a young slave named Moss. Until then he hadn’t been aware that the prisoners the Harpy warriors used for training were only children, angry he frees her and she helps him search for the ‘voice’ with the promise that he will take her home.

I loved the lead characters, Caprion was sensitive and protective, and he was desperate to be able to fly and prove his worth, especially to his older brother Sumas who was embarrassed by Caprion’s failings. Moss was strong and determined, but I was unsure if I could trust her or not, and part of me wondered if she really wanted to help Caprion.

I enjoyed this book, as a companion to the series but I really missed some of the characters from the main story, I had been hoping to see a little of them here. As always Theresa’s writing is clean and fluid, providing the reader with a visual and action packed read.

Copy supplied for review as part of the tour