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Divergent - Veronica Roth Divergent by Veronica Roth

3 Stars

I have been listening to people talk about this book for forever, mostly good, very few negatives but just never had the time to pick it up and read. Once the movie was on track I didn’t want to ruin the film version by reading first so waited some more! I have to say it wouldn’t have made much difference to me if I’d read it before watching because the film is a fairly accurate adaptation of this book with only a few minor detail changes.

I enjoyed the book it hooked me and I am eager to read the next instalment, but I was also slightly disappointed with it. It had too many similarities to The Hunger Games and that frustrated me. No it didn’t have Districts, but it had Factions. It didn’t have the Games but it had Initiations and the main Faction we followed, Dauntless, was extremely violent and I often wonder what the fascination is of late with creating our main young female characters with extremely good killing skills. Is this really what we want our daughters to aspire to?

I wasn’t totally sold on this Faction thing, I’m not sure what purpose it serves or how people can be pigeon holed into one particular group, that isn’t human nature and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Surely separating them like this would cause conflict rather than peace, maybe I’m just Divergent and that’s why I don’t get it!!

Peeta I mean Four was a character I liked, especially in the beginning in the training sessions, he was quietly confident, aloof, the strong silent type that appeals and his character was built well. It was fairly obvious from the onset who and what he was so there were no surprises when all was revealed later in the story.

Tris had a tendency to be annoying, she was quite judgemental and unhelpful, self-centred and irritating. I didn’t like her very much though she became more tolerable as the story moved along…a good kick in the face can have that humbling effect on people!!

As far as the world created is concerned, it was very insular, there wasn’t a full explanation of the war that resulted in this way of life, there was no explanation of what was outside of those walls and we are not told if there are any other colonies out there. Are we to believe that this little city is all that is left of the world and there are no other humans anywhere? It just felt a bit vague to me and left me with unanswered questions, perhaps I will get those answers in the next book, who knows!